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“Cary Prince’s organizational skills are priceless! She completely revamped our school’s supply closet, a beast no one dared tackle! She is bubbly, warm, and incredibly creative. I found items I never even knew I had. Cary’s services ended up saving us a great deal of money, for we found items we hadn’t realized were already in stock. We had been reordering unnecessary supplies for years. Today everything is neatly on display, labeled, and easily accessible. Thank you, Cary – we are so grateful!”


Beth Shir Shalom

“Cary was a great asset to organizing my closet. Not only did she make it fun, but she held my hand to cleanse me of “treasures” I needed to part with. Cary listens well and doesn’t hesitate to advise and direct when appropriate. She also introduced me to practical and decorative storage that I could purchase from affordable sites.”


“Cary was a dream to work with and her enthusiastic attitude makes organizing fun.”

“Her skills are superb and she does her research to find the best products to suit your needs.   She completely set up our kitchen so precisely that I could never think about changing her set-up.  Organizes your stuff; de-clutters and helps keep things clutter-free, is a lovely person, keeps your spirits up by showing you how to maintain order.   All this in one package!!  Fabulous!”


“Cary Prince has put her creative thinking skills to work for me in two reorganizing projects.  In both cases she transformed a seemingly hopeless hodgepodge into a beautifully thought out plan for living. Her first project was a reorganization of my kitchen cabinets. She practically doubled my available space with the creative use of tiered shelving.  My kitchen cabinets are now a joy to behold, and it has become a pleasure to work in a space that is so logically organized. The second project was my bedroom closet. Cary had the objectivity to see what should be done whereas I had come to a literal standstill, letting shoes, handbags and accessories accumulate. Using the shelving that was already there, she transformed the space. She did a careful edit with me of my clothes and accessories. The result is a beautifully organized closet that is a marvel to behold. Cary has helped me discover the joy in letting go that which no longer works and making beautiful that which does.”  


“Cary Prince is a phenomenal organizer. She moved mountains in our garage, guiding us through years of clutter.”

“Cary Prince is a phenomenal organizer. She moved mountains in our garage, guiding us through years of clutter with practical and personal attention to detail. The project was quick and painless and the outcome amazing.”

– SUE –

“Cary Prince was an amazing help in getting our elementary school’s science lab organized and up and running. We had boxes piled to the ceiling and cabinets filled with materials. Cary helped me go through all of the materials and supplies and helped with prioritizing what to keep and where and how to store things. After organizing the lab, I ended up having to move classrooms, which was fairly easy because it was so organized already in bins. It is also much easier to keep it organized now that there is a better system for everything. I am so grateful that she was able to help organize our lab and would recommend her to anyone who needs help organizing – no matter how big or small the task!”  


Will Rogers Learning Community

“She saw potential where we saw none, worked her magic and created functional closet storage that is a joy to use and maintain.”

“I have owned my home for over 50 years. My garage ended up being a disorganized, tightly packed storage space for five decades of my own possessions, along with those of my children and grandchildren. Cary quickly assessed the situation and in a few days had everything cleared out and organized, allowing me to make decisions on what should stay and what should go. She arranged for charities to pick up donations and another company to take away the rest. From a garage that I couldn’t even step into for many years, I now have a wonderfully useful space. At my age, I couldn’t do this on my own and Cary proved to be the perfect solution.  I am thrilled!


Cary has changed our lives! She completely redesigned three closets in our home, giving us space we never knew we had. She saw potential where we saw none, worked her magic and created functional closet storage that is a joy to use and maintain. Instead of piles of clothes on the floor, everything has a hanger, a shelf and a home. And we have a much happier home!”


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