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5 Packing Tips for Summer Camp

It’s summertime! For many of us, we will soon be sending our kiddos off to sleep-away camp. The weeks leading up to camp can be daunting: there is so much to think about, plan, do, get and pack to prepare for your little (or big!) ones’ time away from home. To make the process more […]

Organizing Your Recipes

One passion I share with many of my clients is the joy of cooking. There is nothing more delightful than bringing a random assortment of ingredients together and creating something magical. We love exchanging recipes, talking about how this or that is made, what tricks you could use or how delicious it tastes. Another thing […]

Wrangle your wandering stuff! Give it all a “home.”

One of the primary tenets of organization is that everything must have a “home” – a place to “live” when it’s off-duty, being archived or just tucked away. I list this principle as the first tip in my guide “Top 10 Tips to Live a More Organized Life” because I think nothing is more important than adhering to […]