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Get Road Trip Ready by Organizing Your Car

It’s summer! Time to step on the gas and find adventure out on the open road. From day trips to weekend escapes to cross-country travel, your car becomes the center of your world. Keeping it neat and organized can go a long way to helping you feel “at home” wherever your journey takes you. Your […]

How to Create a Kid’s Memory Box

If you have a child, they come with paper – and LOTS of it! These keepsake papers provide such a beautiful window into their world: their karate certificate of achievement, school play program, first handmade Mother’s Day card, and school essay about their beloved pet. Those are memories that you really want to treasure and […]

Organizing The Kitchen

If there is a heart in the home, it’s the kitchen. It’s where everything happens: meals are cooked, mouths are fed, bodies are nourished, plans are made, homework gets done and, inevitably, it’s where everyone gathers at any party you throw. The kitchen is a vital part of your house operation, and for that reason, […]


Homeschooling: Strategies for Success

If you’re a parent of school-age children during this pandemic, you experienced the joys (and pains) of homeschooling this past spring. We had hoped it would be a short season: we were rounding the bases and heading for home plate by summer. But alas, the season has been extended and we’re now going for extra […]

A Sweet Gift: Baking Sourdough Bread

Have you jumped on the baking bread bandwagon yet? If not, here’s your invitation to join the ride! Sheltering in place has brought out the chef in many of us. All of these weeks of staying indoors, eating at home, preparing three meals a day and being inches from our kitchens has given us lots […]

Declutter Your Digital Life

Decluttering Your Life Series, Part III As we work from home right now, we are given a unique opportunity to press “pause” on the craziness, stop the busy-ness and b r e a t h e. It’s also a time when we can simplify our lives, declutter and get organized for life after coronavirus. When […]


Declutter Your Mind

Decluttering Your Life Series, Part II When I work with clients to declutter and organize their spaces, I often find that there is another type of clutter lingering in the background that is contributing to the disorganization: mental clutter. Mental clutter can be as counterproductive as physical clutter. If you are overwhelmed and unable to […]

Declutter Your Stuff

Decluttering Your Life Series, Part I Decluttering! One of the most challenging things I do with my clients is helping them edit their belongings to make their spaces more organized, functional and beautiful. There are just so many questions to ask when making the decision to let go: Do I use it? Do I need […]