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Let’s Go! Packing Travel Toiletries

When we travel, we take along the most essential elements of ourselves: a highly curated wardrobe, a new book and, of course, the tools that make the journey (and us) feel lighter, breezier and free. It’s amazing the power that tiny toiletries…
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With summer travel upon us, we thought it was time to start talking toiletries - packing toiletries to be precise. And while we realize there are a lot of packing styles out there, from the ultra-minimalist to those who like to take it to the…
Holiday Gift with beautiful gold ribbon

Holiday Gift Guide: 30 Gift-Giving Essentials

With the holiday season well underway, we seek that balance between enjoying the preparations and rushing to fit it all in. From hosting to decorating to shopping, our to-do list gets pretty long. And, so can our gift list. So many people to…
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Homeschooling: Strategies for Success

If you’re a parent of school-age children during this pandemic, you experienced the joys (and pains) of homeschooling this past spring. We had hoped it would be a short season: we were rounding the bases and heading for home plate by summer.…

Declutter Your Mind

Decluttering Your Life Series, Part II When I work with clients to declutter and organize their spaces, I often find that there is another type of clutter lingering in the background that is contributing to the disorganization: mental clutter.…

5 Packing Tips for Summer Camp

It’s summertime! For many of us, we will soon be sending our kiddos off to sleep-away camp. The weeks leading up to camp can be daunting: there is so much to think about, plan, do, get and pack to prepare for your little (or big!) ones’…
start your day with lemon water

3 Ways Lemon Water Can Enhance Your Life

Lemon water. That’s where this blog started a year ago, and I figure there’s no better way to start the blog this year than with the elixir that has been a constant for me over the past 12 months. It's the first thing I have in the morning,…

Tips to Make Your Holiday Party a Hit!

Holidays are wonderful for so many reasons: it’s a time to honor traditions, gather with family and celebrate with friends.  They’re called “holidays” because they aren’t “everyday” – it’s a special occasion that calls for…
Neat and clean home office

Quest for the Perfect Home Office

Borrowed from @workspacegoals. Originally posted by @project12architecture in Australia. For the last few years, I was on the hunt for the perfect spot to host my office in our home. We have a third bedroom that works double-duty as my husband’s…
packing tips for summer travel

Organizing Your Summer Fun:
Packing It In

Happy first days of summer! Our summer break started a few days ago, and we’ve already kicked it into high gear with our annual 2-week jaunt to my home state of Texas. It’s an opportunity for my son to grasp his 8th generation Texan roots…

Top Packing Tips and One Must-Have Packing Essential

Vacation time is fast approaching and if you’re lucky, you may find time to get away to see the sights, hit the sand or land somewhere in between. Wherever your travels may take you, packing is the necessary first step of your journey. Have…
honor your morning ritual

Start the Year Organized: Honor Your Morning Ritual

Hello, January!  It’s that time of year again for us to make our New Year’s resolutions, whether it be exercising more, indulging less, being better to yourself, being better to others, preparing for a big change in your life or just slowing…