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Home Sweet Homework

Back-to-School Tips, Part 1: Creating a Homework Station School is back in session! And with that, comes homework and a wide range of emotions that surround that activity: the excitement for your child to reinforce what they are learning all day, the joy in seeing your child’s brain grow exponentially . . . and the agony of cajoling […]

Crazy for this Granola!

It’s back-to-school time, and with that comes stocking your pantry with easy breakfast items to grab when you’re dashing out the door, or tasty afternoon snacks to serve your kids when they come running home, ravenous, for a treat. Here’s a recipe that will make you a star on both fronts. Furthermore, it’s easy to make, really delicious […]

Quest for the Perfect Home Office

Borrowed from @workspacegoals. Originally posted by @project12architecture in Australia. For the last few years, I was on the hunt for the perfect spot to host my office in our home. We have a third bedroom that works double-duty as my husband’s office and our guest bedroom, but sharing that space was not an option. This situation was […]

Organizing an Artist’s Studio

Furniture arrangement can make a world of difference in the way you feel about a room. Does the room welcome you in and feel inviting? Is this a place where you’d like to stay for a while? If it’s a room that is a passing-through point with lots of traffic (e.g. entry, hallway, etc.), does the furniture help […]

The World’s Best Shredded Beef Tacos

Have you ever made something and you can’t believe how good it tastes? Then brace yourself for this: shredded beef tacos. These tantalizingly tasty treats were AHHH-mazing, and everyone came back for seconds and thirds. Now, I’m a Texas girl and love my Tex-Mex ground beef crispy tacos more than anything, but these shredded melt-in- […]

6 Easy Steps to Organize a Drawer

Do you love digging through a drawer to excavate the item you want? Who knows what treasures may await! If you’re an archaeologist, you may take special delight in this adventure . . . but I would venture to say that for most people, this exercise is tedious and a nagging reminder that it’s time to organize that […]


Organizing Your Summer Fun:
Packing It In

Happy first days of summer! Our summer break started a few days ago, and we’ve already kicked it into high gear with our annual 2-week jaunt to my home state of Texas. It’s an opportunity for my son to grasp his 8th generation Texan roots (snakes, bugs and all!) and spend time with the grandparents, while I unwind, […]


3 Cool Products to Get You Organized

When it comes to making your life better, professional organizers know how to do it best. They alleviate stress from clutter, create calm in chaotic environments, find creative storage solutions and help maximize your productivity, among many other positive benefits. Organizers also know their stuff, road-testing systems and products before recommending them to clients. I’m happy to report […]

Spin Doctor: A New Twist to Organizing Your Cabinets

“You spin me right round, baby, right round, like a record, baby, right round round round…” Ever have a favorite song (OK, so it’s from the ‘80s and I’m dating myself) or a favorite thing that makes you want to sing and dance? Well, I’m back with another favorite organizing product like this that does […]

Simple Cooking: A Dazzling Dessert

Do you like to be the hit of the dinner party, the belle of the potluck ball, the star of your Passover Seder? If so, I am going to give you the secret to making a splash wherever your dining adventures may take you: the dessert. In fact, this dessert is so amazing that your friends, family, other […]