When it comes to making your life better, professional organizers know how to do it best. They alleviate stress from clutter, create calm in chaotic environments, find creative storage solutions and help maximize your productivity, among many other positive benefits.

Organizers also know their stuff, road-testing systems and products before recommending them to clients. I’m happy to report that I have recently been in that driver’s seat myself, and have 3 great organizing products to share with you here.

napo 2016

This is the me and Ellen Delap, the NAPO president-elect for 2016-2017!

I have just returned from NAPO 2016 — the annual conference of the National Association of Professional Organizers, a 4,000+ member association that provides education, networking and support to professional organizers around the world. NAPO’s annual conference is as inspiring and educational as one long TED talk: it’s held over 4 days and multiple sessions and workshops are offered each day.

There is also an Expo that runs concurrently during the conference where the latest product launches, services and designs in progress are introduced by companies such as Target, Fujitsu, Smead and 1-800- Got-Junk. By the end of the conference, my brain is overflowing with fresh concepts, innovative products and new strategies to help my clients.

So let’s dive in! Here are my top 3 organizing product recommendations from this year’s Expo — and each vendor has graciously created a promo code for my readers and clients so you can order these items and try them out yourself. You will not be disappointed!

Use Neet Cable Keepers to Zip Up Tangled Mess

NEET Cable Keeper

NAPO 2015’s “Best in Show”

This little item won Best in Show last year; I bought 2 NEET Cable Keepers then — one for my iPhone and another for my iPad, and they have made my life so much better this year! Instead of a jumbled up mess of cables in my purse, bag or suitcase, the Cable Keeper features a flexible wire in a sleeve that zips up around the cord, which gives it structure and allows you to wind up and hold the cord in place. In addition to organizing your cords, the Cable Keeper also provides protection to your cable and easy identification, thanks to an array of color options — so you won’t leave it in a hotel room and no one will walk away with your cord by mistake!

You can purchase NEET Cable Keepers online at neetproducts.com. Get 15 % off with promo code CPO15.

A cable keeper sleeve for your messy cords

Neet Cable Tie for each of your cords

Cable keeper for your headphones

Time Timer won the Best Organizing Product at NAPO 2016


NAPO 2016’s “Best Residential Organizing Product”

This product won Best Residential Organizing Product this year, and I can attest as to why. As a mom, I love the TimeTimer. It helps children see the passage of time in this digital age: kids can actually see time as it elapses. We use it to keep homework on track — and, in fact, we “gameify” the homework experience using the TimeTimer so it’s more fun for our son. We gave a TimeTimer to our son’s teacher, and she has used it effectively to help the children visualize time and stay on task. My fellow organizers use TimeTimers when working with clients to keep them focused and working towards a goal. And if you are mastering productivity using the time management strategy known as the Pomodoro Technique (where you work in 25-minute shifts, with a 5-minute break) or if you run meetings and want to keep everyone on schedule, the TimeTimer would be a great addition to your efficiency arsenal.

You can purchase the Time Timer online at timetimer.com. Get 20% off with promo code CPO16.

Time Timer Mod

Time Timer MOD Napo 2016 Winner

Time Timer Dry Erase Board

Time Timer Watch Plus Napo 2016

Lock and Rollin Flooring Solutions

Lock & Rollin Flooring Solutions

NAPO 2016’s “Best in Show”

Finally, this year’s Best in Show award went to the Lock & Rollin Flooring Solutions. Organizers marveled at the ingenious concept of converting open spaces in your attic to create more useful storage space. While I have not yet used these in our own attic (note to my DH: get ready!), the company had representatives show us how it all worked. Lightweight slats lock together and roll out to cover and create an attic floor where you may have had only insulation before. The slats are extremely durable, can take 250lbs of weight per square foot, and the installation is easy.

You can now say goodbye to that extra storage unit!

You can purchase the Lock & Rollin’ online at locknrollin.com. Get 10% off with promo code NAPO2016.

Lock and Rollin wins Best in Show at Napo 2016

Lock and Rollin Flooring Solutions

Lock and Rollin converts un-floored attic space

I’ve attended NAPO’s conference for the last 3 years, and the Expo is one reason why I have every intention of going each year. I come away energized, recharged and in love all over again with what I do to help others. Nothing can be better than that!

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      So many thanks, Ellen — and that’s so very true! It’s so fun to discover new products that can make our lives that much easier.


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