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Organizing your garage. The thought can send shivers down anyone’s spine. How do I do it? Where to start? It seems like a Herculean task for sure, but we have a guiding principle (a mantra, if you will) that can lead you to success (we promise!).

Here’s our mantra: Get everything off the floor. That’s it? Yep! GET EVERYTHING OFF THE FLOOR. 

Everything, you might ask? What about my car? Where does the ping pong table go? If you want to park your car in the garage or if the kids want to be able to grab a bike and go, no problem. But for the most part, let’s get everything off the floor.

So where does everything go? Here are a few tips that will make garage organizing a breeze.

Get in the Zone with Your Garage Organizing

We like to think of the garage in terms of zones. And for the most part, zones occupy space along the wall (and sometimes the ceiling!). In each zone, you will place like with like. Tools will go in one area; sports equipment will go in another; same goes with gardening supplies and so on.

In terms of where to place the tool zone or the sports zone, think about how often you use items in each category. Perhaps place tools in the back of the garage, out of children’s reach. Bikes and sports equipment can be placed near the entrance for easy access; the same goes for gardening tools or anything that’s used on a more regular basis. Holiday decorations can be stored up high — remember that ceiling?

Okay, so now you have zones along the walls and the ceiling. What is your mantra? Get everything off the floor.

Take a ‘Shelfie’

We like to use shelving and cabinets to get garage items off the floor. In terms of open shelving, we often turn to these Garage+ by Elfa, Metro and Husky shelves from The Container Store and The Home Depot. Each comes in a variety of sizes depending on your space and needs.

If you want to keep things out of sight or lock away less kid-friendly items, cabinets are a great way to go. We love the look of the Garage+ by Elfa cabinets. For heavy-duty wear and tear, Husky and Gladiator Cabinet systems do the trick. And if you want more of a built-in look, Preston Cabinets create a seamless appearance.

Up And Away

For seasonal items and storage you don’t need to access frequently, the ceiling can be a great use of space. We often turn to Fleximounts for a heavy-duty ceiling rack that comes in both black and white.


Sometimes all you need are hooks to get things off the floor. Hooks can hold bikes and gardening tools—like these by Store Your Board—and even sports gear.

Contain Yourself

To keep your shelving and cabinets organized and tidy, we use open and closed containers to keep everything in place. Open containers are great for grab-and-go items. Closed containers keep items protected and clean. You might want clear totes to be able to see what’s inside, or opaque containers to keep everything out of view. Either way, your containers are a great way to make your garage feel organized and put together. Check out these garage organizing solutions by The Container Store.

How is your garage looking now? Is everything off the floor? If not, we are always happy to help. We can even offer you our trade discount on products. Please feel free to reach out and book an appointment today!

For added inspiration, check out my blog on organizing your garage, in which I offer a step-by-step guide to organizing the garage. And discover simple garage organizing tips in my videos, along with before-and-after garage makeover scenes you’ll have to see to believe!

Are you organizing your garage and coming up with clever solutions? If so, I’d love to hear about it! Drop me a line on Instagram or Facebook.

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