Kids come with paper – and lots of it! Organizing memorabilia is a skill and mindset that every parent needs. In this video, I share my best trick to organizing and saving your kids’ most important treasures. With this system, you’ll be able to safeguard those memories and cherish them for years to come.

Artwork, report cards, concert programs, oh my! Raising a child means collecting lots of paper and gemstones along the way. But you can’t keep it all – and you also need to come up with a way to save the most precious gems for safekeeping.

My tried and true system is simple: a box! One box per child is a great goal to have. Why? When that child turns 18 or ultimately moves out, they do not want 18 boxes of memorabilia to lug with them. One box is sufficient to capture those highlights, savor those memories and ogle over class photos.

I create one folder per grade and in that folder I drop any paper that’s important: report cards, certificates, writing samples like that one special essay or book report, and artwork. When your child is young, those folders will be huge! But as they get older, the files get thinner (i.e. less artwork) and you are probably capturing more memories digitally as they age.

This system is easy to maintain, a cinch to store away and a joy to pass on when it’s time. Here’s to organizing your child’s memorabilia!


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