12 organizing tips for the holidays

‘Tis the season for giving!  I absolutely love this time of year and as a professional organizer, I encourage my family, friends and clients to focus on experiential giving. These are gifts that are consumable (food, beverage, treats), indulgences (massages, spa treatments, mani/pedi) and experiences (visit to a theme park, museum membership, skydiving).

There are also occasions when it’s nice to give a gift that you can see, touch and feel, and as someone who organizes for a living, here is my top list of products that are both practical and helpful in keeping your home, office and life organized.  In the spirit of the season, I am adapting a familiar song . . .


The 12 Days of Organizing!

Day One
On the first day of organizing, my true love gave to me . . . a Purse Perfector which is perfect for me! This purse organizer insert keeps everything from swimming in your bag, holds it all in place and is easy to lift out and place in a different purse when you’re ready for a change.

Day Two
Pass on the turtle doves and opt for 2 NEET zippered cable ties instead. These ties keep both my iPhone and iPad cords untangled, protected and organized. Great for travel . . . which leads me to . . .

Day Three
A set of 3 packing cubes from eBags, my all-time favorite packing solution. Sundress? Check! Bathing suit? Check! All packed and ready to go? Check!  Fiji, here I come!

Day Four
A Tile Combo 4-pack. This app/bluetooth tracker device is genius – especially if you’re prone to losing your phone or misplacing your keys.

Day Five
A 5-piece pop canister set by Oxo to keep all those holiday goodies tasty and fresh!

Day Six
The 6-piece Acrylic Drawer Organizer Set . . . my dream solution for any desk, junk or “everything” drawer.

Day Seven
A Planner Pad to keep all 7 days of the week (and 52 weeks of the year) scheduled, organized and primed for maximum productivity.

Day Eight
An 8-section expandable utensil drawer organizer – my secret to keeping my kitchen drawers in order and at the ready for major culinary productions.

Day Nine
In lieu of 9 ladies dancing, how about a 9” Lazy Susan spinning? I love these turntables for organizing spices, oils and vinegars in kitchen cabinets and pantries.

Day Ten
Here are 10 lords a-leaping for an organized closet! These are my favorite hangers (sold in packages of 10) which have a velvety finish to keep clothes from slipping and a slim profile to keep closets from overflowing.

Day Eleven
Turn it up to 11! A portable bluetooth speaker is the ideal companion when you’re out and about to enjoy the day – or at home organizing. Get your groove on.

Day Twelve
With all the organizing you’ve just done, it’s time to kick off your shoes and put your feet up. Make sure those shoes have a home! My favorite solution to maximize shoe storage in small spaces is this 12-pair shoe organizer.

I hope these ideas inspire you for a little helpful gifting – and if not for others, then definitely for yourself! May your holidays be bright . . . and organized!

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