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Keeping a clean home does wonders for your space, time, and peace of mind. And sometimes your cleaning supplies need a little TLC of their own.

Here are my favorite tips and tools to keep those supplies organized. With the proper system in place, cleaning your home can be much easier — and you just might enjoy it, too!

1: Designate a space

Start by creating storage spaces for your supplies based on how and where you use them. This way, you will always find what you need, when you need it. Great areas for storing cleaning supplies include:

  • Under the kitchen sink: for dishwashing, hand washing & surface cleaning
  • Under the bathroom sink (only if there’s space!): for bathroom cleaning
  • Laundry room: not just a place for laundry & clothing care items but a great central location to keep all cleaning supplies and tools for the home
  • Garage: storage for backstock cleaning supplies (so you’ll always have enough on hand!)

Cary Prince Organizing cleaning supplies under the kitchen sink

2: Categorize Your Supplies

Now it’s time to dive in and make sense of it all! Gather all your cleaning products together and sort by purpose & function:

  • Dishwashing
  • Surface cleaners
  • Glass & window
  • Marble & stone
  • Stainless steel
  • Bathrooms
  • Wood
  • Floors
  • Rugs & carpet
  • Sponges & brushes
  • Duster & rags
  • Specialty cleaning products (jewelry cleaner, pet stains, etc)

3: Contain & Hang Your Supplies

Find containers and hooks that will keep everything organized and in its lane. This makes it easy to grab what you need, when you need it, and you can keep an eye on what’s running low. Here are my favorite ways to corral cleaning supplies:

iDesign Linus Clear Deep Drawer Bins 4-inch

iDesign Linus Clear Deep Drawer Bins 6-inch

iDesign Linus Clear Deep Drawer Bins 8-inch

mDesign Plastic Stackable Bins 4-inch, 6-inch, and 8-inch Bins
OXO Expandable On-The-Wall OrganizerOXO Expandable On-The-Wall Organizer
The Home Edit Modular All Purpose BinThe Home Edit All Purpose Bin

4: Label, label, label

Cary Prince Organizing laundry room cabinet with cleaning supplies separated into clear, labeled plastic bins
And now, to add the crowning touch on your cleaning closet or cabinet: labels! Put labels on all of those bins containing your supplies so everything has a home and stays organized. It will encourage everyone in your household to pitch in and keep it neat and tidy, too. Here’s my label maker of choice.

5: Get creative!

Speaking of involving the household, make cleaning fun for everyone! Stock up on supplies and accessories that add color and life to your space and cleaning projects.

  • Bring in the color! We’re fans of these microfiber cloths for their cleaning power and perky colors
  • All together now! There’s nothing like a good cleaning caddy to carry around with you and clean the house in record time.
  • Lastly, put on your dancing shoes! We love these mop slippers as fun way to get others to step in (literally) and help!
MR.SIGA Microfiber Cleaning ClothsMR.SIGA Cleaning Cloths
Storage CaddyCleaning Storage Caddy
Tamicy Pink Microfiber Cleaning Mop SlippersTamicy Mop Slippers

With terrific organizers and cleaning supplies like these, you’ll transform those “chores” into easy wins for a tidy home to love day after day.

Now let’s pop on those headphones, grab that Swiffer, and jam out to your favorite tunes! Happy Cleaning!

Do you have storage solutions to share? I’d love to hear about it! Drop me a line on Instagram or Facebook.

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