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With the holiday season well underway, we seek that balance between enjoying the preparations and rushing to fit it all in. From hosting to decorating to shopping, our to-do list gets pretty long. And, so can our gift list. So many people to shop for and so little time….

Well, have no fear; that’s why we’re here! To finish off the year, Cary Prince Organizing brings you 30 gift-giving essentials that are both inspiring and practical. How often have you received a gift and never used it? That’s why we’ve pulled together a wide array of gifts that everyone can use!

New Year’s Resolutions are just around the corner, and getting organized – in the home, office, and other areas of our lives – frequently tops people’s lists. Organization + decluttering = more time for doing what we enjoy and reaching those goals. For this reason, we encourage everyone to gift with purpose. These items feature that winning combo of being both functional and empowering so you can present the gift that keeps on giving while helping those you know achieve an organized, joy-filled life.

Let’s dive in!

Gift spread with Link to Gallery to view gifts close up

Kitchen Gift Ideas

Gifts for the kitchen are a joy for any chef…and their happy customers! Having the perfect setup in the kitchen makes it a joy to cook and entertain. Here I showcase my favorite kitchen essentials that bring immediate organization to the kitchen — and will make everyone sing. Encore!

Gift #1: The Turntable

Kitchen Turntable from Cary Prince Organizing Holiday Gift Guide

Put a spin on gifting with one of my favorite kitchen essentials: the turntable! The beauty of turntables is that you can access what you need, when you need it. From dried fruits & nuts to spices & oils or face serums & elixirs, turntables are no “lazy Susans” but the magic behind every organized cabinet in a kitchen, pantry or bathroom. Thanks to @pretty.little.designs for the cover inspiration! Find this handy kitchen gift at The Container Store »

Gift #2: Charcuterie Drawer

Kitchen Charcuterie Drawer from Cary Prince Organizing Holiday Gift Guide

‘Tis the season to entertain — and how is your charcuterie drawer looking? A smattering of bamboo drawer organizers puts tools at the ready for any occasion and is a perfect gift for the hostess with the mostest. Let’s get this party started! To customize to any drawer or space, find a variety of bamboo kitchen drawer organizers at the Container Store »

Gift #3: Bamboo Lidded Jars

Kitchen Bamboo Lidded Spice Jars from Cary Prince Organizing Holiday Gift Guide

One of my kitchen favorites that totally steps up your organizing game: bamboo lidded jars! They bring class and elegance to any kitchen. With custom labels, they add the crowning touch to your pantry or spice cabinet. Make your chef the queen or king of the kitchen with a collection of these gems! Find this handy kitchen gift on Amazon » And for some tips on how I organizing with these spice jars, check out my video »

Gift #4: Bamboo Drawer Dividers (for bite-sized vessels)

Kitchen Bamboo Drawer Dividers from Cary Prince Organizing Holiday Gift Guide

How we adore vessels for bite-sized nibbles and dipping delights! And nothing better to keep them organized than bamboo drawer dividers which keeps everyone in their lane…. Small plates for the win! Find this handy item at The Container Store »

Gift #5: The Tray

Kitchen Tray from Cary Prince Organizing Holiday Gift Guide

Bring intention to your gift-giving with the perfect present: a tray. Trays have the power to corral collections, define boundaries and make anything in its hold sparkle and shine.
Here are some great ideas for gifting trays at The Container Store »

Gift #6: Wrap + Ziplock Organizer

Kitchen Drawer Ziploc Organizer from Cary Prince Organizing Holiday Gift Guide

Gift-giving is in the bag! (or ziplock). A bamboo organizer customized for Ziplocs, wraps and foil is a definite crowd pleaser. ​​​​​​​​No more messy drawers with crushed boxes — and easy access to grab & go with snacks for wherever your adventures take you! Find this bamboo organizer on Amazon »

Gift #7: Coffee or Tea Station

Kitchen Coffee Tea Station from Cary Prince Organizing Holiday Gift Guide

Ahh…coffee! Wherever you take your cuppa, it all starts with an organized coffee or tea station — here are a few ways to bring order to your day, and give the gift that is overflowing with kindness. Here’s to @notion_decor and @heartdeco_sa for organizing it all to a “tea!”​​​​​​​​ There are so many ways you can go here, including this sleek-looking K-Cup station, this stylish Nespresso station, and this bamboo tea station all on Amazon.

Office Gift Ideas

As work slows down for the holidays, it’s a great time to focus on your office organization. In this section’s guide, we’ll present our choice essentials for an organized workspace that presents the ideal setup for success. A perfect gift for any busy entrepreneur or aspiring CEO!

Gift #8: Desktop Accessories

Office Desktop Accessories from Cary Prince Organizing Holiday Gift Guide

An organized desk clears your mind, helps you focus and sets you up for success. Nothing better than a new set of desk accessories to launch that at-home business, climb that corporate ladder, and make your fortune! Kudos to @bigso_box to soften up the style for a home office. My other faves: the lucite gold vibe of @russellandhazel, the C-suite structure of @bigso_box and that happy pop of color from @poppin. That’s @clean.setupz showin’ how it’s done like a pro in the last photo. Bravo! For great ideas, here are many of Bigso’s great products »

Gift #9: Desk Drawer Organizers

Office Desk Drawer Organizers from Cary Prince Organizing Holiday Gift Guide

Run your business like a boss with drawer organizers! ​​​​​​​​An essential item for any desk drawer, a set of these would be the perfect gift for your busy officemate. No longer fear opening those drawers: everything stays in its place, at the ready and, yes, even in ROYGBIV order. In addition to clear, acrylic containers, you can find these colorful, metal drawer organizers at The Container Store »

Gift #10: Paper Organizing & File Boxes

Office Paper File Sorters Boxes from Cary Prince Organizing Holiday Gift Guide

Files, bills, mail, oh my! Let’s wrangle all that paper and corral it in gorgeous boxes like these. If you or your SO need some additional help in managing the paper parade, these boxes are a home office essential and line everything up in marching band order on your shelf. Help others get their papers in line with this oh-so-versatile office gift at The Container Store »

Gift #11: Cord Organizers

Office Cord Organizers from Cary Prince Organizing Holiday Gift Guide

Let’s wrangle those cords! You can rope, ride and tie ’em up in this gorgeous wood box, bringing a certain elegance to any desk or office that was once swimming in cords. These boxes come in beautiful shades of wood from @luxedesignsco and in black or white from @thecontainerstore. The perfect gift for your 3-monitor colleague, your teen gamer or your SO who WFH — right from your living room. Here’s a peak inside one cord organizer on Etsy, showing what these boxes can do!

Gift #12: Multi-Device Charging Station

Office Multi-Device Charging Station from Cary Prince Organizing Holiday Gift Guide

After a long day, this is where devices come to play! We like parking ours in a multi-device charging station like this, which is a perfect gift for any busy home or office. It corrals everything in one place, keeps the cords you need at the ready, and “energizes” your tech to hit the ground running the next day. For a few ideas, check out this wooden charging station on Amazon and this 8-device charger from Hammacher & Schlemmer for those tech-savvy households.

Gift #13: Bar Cart

Office Bar Cart from Cary Prince Organizing Holiday Gift Guide

When working from home is no longer a fad but a way of life . . . it’s time to get the party started! Turn any bar cart into your own mobile office — with supplies on top and files, printer or scanner below — and wheel it into/out of view as needed. A much appreciated gift for any recent college grad who’s diving into the working world.​​​​​​​​

Best part: when the end of day hits, you’re ready to raise a toast because it’s 5 o’clock somewhere! A shout out to @brickwarehouse for finding such a stylish + sleek mobile home office! These carts come in many attractive materials, including metal carts like this one at All Modern, and this brass and glass Martha Stewart cart at Bed Bath & Beyond.

Gift #14: Label Maker

Office Label Maker from Cary Prince Organizing Holiday Gift Guide

The shining star of any organized office? The label maker! Labeling gives everything a home and puts everyone on the same page: paper in the proper files, supplies in the right drawer and those afternoon M&Ms in the right candy jar. Label makers do the job of organizing for you! Give it a name, stick on a label and watch organization come shining through. It’s the office gift that keeps on giving!​​​​​​​​ Shine on, little label maker… A big high five to @jenmackintosh for spotlighting this @brothercraftsusa p-touch so beautifully…. Check out my favorite Container Store label maker here »

Storage Gift Ideas

The art of containing is ever present in our lives. For some things, it’s strictly utilitarian: storing eating utensils, papers or clothes. For other things, it’s sentiments, emotions, and nostalgia. And there is always the decision as to what to hold onto, why to hold onto it and how you are going to hold onto it. Enter storage!

This section we’ll look at some of my favorite ways to store those special items in our lives, and who knows? It could be the perfect gift, for that perfect someone…something they could really use to hold onto those things most dear to them….

Gift #15: Storage Box

Storage Box from Cary Prince Organizing Holiday Gift Guide

Oh, the treasures a box can hold! Like this little heart shaped rock that my son found on one of our first hikes. Treasures can be given a place of honor in your life by storing them in special vessels for safekeeping. I love these gold-lacquered boxes from @thecontainerstore for small trinkets and treasures, or even for more mundane items like keys and sunglasses. Whatever it is, it’s been given a special home in your life. I see you, little gold box! Get these beautiful gold boxes here »

Gift #16: Storage Baskets

Storage Basket from Cary Prince Organizing Holiday Gift Guide

​​​​​​​​Ah, the beauty of baskets: their purpose (to contain) and their potential (to surprise, charm & delight) work like magic in this adorable playroom we organized with @playfulnest. When choosing your storage options, there are a few factors to consider: open or closed? Opaque or clear? Plastic or natural? How about a little of each? These Albany Cane baskets from @thecontainerstore do the trick and keep toys near and dear to little ones’ hearts (& heads & toes)…. Best part about baskets? They are an ideal vessel for gifts with multiple uses when the holiday season is over! Check out the rattan baskets here »

Gift #17: The Clear Shoebox

Storage Clear Shoebox from Cary Prince Organizing Holiday Gift Guide

Need to see what you have, yet keep it contained, sorted and accessible? Your solution is a clear-cut case: these clear shoe boxes work wonders at categorizing small parts and keeping everything organized! When thinking of what to give your aspiring Lance Armstrong this holiday season, think about these useful boxes to keep small parts sorted, categorized and easily accessible. He’ll be equipped, ready to ride in style across that finish line!​​​​​​​ These clear boxes can serve many purposes »

Gift #18: IKEA Kuggis Boxes

Storage IKEA Kuggis Box from Cary Prince Organizing Holiday Gift Guide

What about storing items you know you have but don’t need to see? We love these Kuggis boxes from @IKEA! They are perfect for containing a myriad of categories: items that are sometimes unsightly, often unruly…or downright ugly — here’s looking at you, tangled nest of phone cords + chargers!​​​​​​​​ Closed, stackable and opaque bins like these present a calm, ordered cabinet — perfect for that beautiful self-care ambiance created by the lovely @homestylebytess!​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Get lots of great ideas when you check out IKEA’s many Kuggis storage boxes and bins »

Gift #19: Clear, Open Bins

Storage Clear Open Bins from Cary Prince Organizing Holiday Gift Guide

​​​​​​​​Make way for the cleaning brigade! Open, clear bins like these from @TheHomeEdit get you armed and ready for spring, fall or holiday cleaning! What better treat to your home & gift to yourself than an organized cabinet with gorgeous bins like these? Much like a dresser for clothes, we like to organize cleaning products on shelves from head (glass + surfaces) to toe (floor + carpet). We separate products by function which makes it all a breeze to do the [dirty] work. You’ve got this! Here’s one of my favorites to use »

Gift #20: Sport Gear Organizer

Storage Sport Gear Organizer from Cary Prince Organizing Holiday Gift Guide

​​​​​​​​Golf gear organization is in the bag! (or rather, the bin). Organizing gear for a sport enhances the pleasure of playing it: you can find what you need, when you need it — and can get your “game on” that much faster. We love organizing sports gear in these reach-in Manhattan Modular Storage Organizers from The Container Store. And one of our clients was over the moon with this Suncast dedicated rack for his golf bags, shoes and golf accessories. It’s literally a hole in one. Bringing the gift of organization to your loved one’s favorite pastime is definitely a gift that keeps on giving.

Gift #21: Gift Wrap Station

Gift Wrap Station for Cary Prince Organizing Holiday Gift Guide rotation

Let’s get this party started! With the right organizing tools and storage solutions, you can create a gift wrap station just about anywhere. We were so excited to carve out this convenient gift wrapping hub for our client in this linen closet. We corralled long rolls of paper in an umbrella stand and sorted gift tags, ribbon and tissue in open pantry bins. ​​​​​​​​ You can create a gift wrap organizing setup using clear open bins on shelves or the under-the-bed storage bin also pictured here. Under bed storage is useful in so many ways. It’s now super easy to whip together a present for that birthday dinner, housewarming party or holiday gift — ‘tis the season! Find this handy gift at The Container Store »

Closet Gift Ideas

Oh, the closet…what a trove of treasures it beholds! We conquer closets daily and know how to wage and win this war. It all starts with the right organizing strategy to manage the mayhem, control the clutter and present the prized artifacts and jewels of your collection. Enter amazing + creative containing solutions to help do the job for you! In this section, I’ll share my favorite tools of the trade to organize any closet — and these could be lovely gift ideas for the fashionable clotheshorse in your life.

Gift #22: Clothes Hangers

Closet Hangers from Cary Prince Organizing Holiday Gift Guide

The closet…that sacred space where we dream, get inspired and prepare to face the day. The secret to making it so much better? ​​​​​​​​Consistency! Hanging like with like, facing the same direction and . . . using the same style hanger. With that, you have instantly upped your game in closet organization. Purchasing new hangers is an indulgence for some — so make it a gift for your friend or loved one who is coveting that organized closet! It’s a gift that will help them — and their clothes — shine. Hangers come in a variety of styles: from sleek, wood hangers to soft-touch velvet hangers and acrylic to plastic hangers, with every color in between. So go the distance and get the same hanger for your entire wardrobe. It brings your A-game to your closet, and is an excellent gift for the sharp-dressed man (or woman) in your life.​​​​​​​​

Gift #23: Shoe Storage

Closet Shoe Storage Bins from Cary Prince Organizing Holiday Gift Guide

Masterful closet organization is a shoe-in with drawers! Perfect for all those pumps, kitten heels or ballet flats. There are so many ways to organize shoes: in drawers like these, in bins with drop-front lids, in boxes, cubbies or lined up on shelves. Any way you slice or dice it, figuring out how to store shoes in your closet is essential. The key is to maximize the vertical storage space you have, stack where you can and label if you are able. We do that by taking snapshots of the shoes and affixing mini photos (printed by @socialprintstudio) to the drawer itself. It’s a photo finish for the win! Looking for the perfect gift for the Imelda Marcos in your life? Here it is! Find these useful bins here »

Gift #24: Folded Clothes Solutions – Open Bins

Closet Open Storage Bins from Cary Prince Organizing Holiday Gift Guide

Open bins for the win! When there is no dresser, yet you have small items to store, open lined baskets like these Montauk Rectangular Bins from The Container Store do the job beautifully. Not only do they corral small items of clothing, they conceal the messy nature of categories like undies, socks and swimwear. These bins are also great at containing scarves, hats and gloves — if not in your primary closet, in a closet by the front door to grab on your way out.

Gift #25: Seasonal Clothes Solutions – Closed Bins

Closet Closed Storage Bins from Cary Prince Organizing Holiday Gift Guide

You can’t always get what you want….but if you try sometimes, well, you might find, you get what you need. No one sings it better than Mick Jagger! And when it comes to storing items that you don’t want now (but will need later), enter closed storage solutions! We love putting items such as seasonal clothing, ski gear and costumes in closed zippered bins like these Basic Storage Grey bins from The Container Store. They keep your items clean and dust-free— and at the top of the closet where they can remain . . . until “you just might find, you get what you need!”

Gift #26: Shelf Dividers

Closet Shelf Dividers from Cary Prince Organizing Holiday Gift Guide

“Gotta keep ’em separated!” (a shout out to Offspring for the inspirational lyric!) Straight leg vs. boot leg vs. boyfriend vs. cargo? We’ve got you covered. Shelf dividers like these do the trick to keep jean categories in their lane so you can grab, dress and step out in style. We love folding jeans on a closet shelf. Jeans are big, bulky items to stuff in a drawer…and while hanging is an option, folded on a shelf is always the best. With the help of a shelf divider, jeans stack and you can see the style you want, when you want it. The perfect gift for the jean-wearing goddess in your world. To help that special someone divvy it up, these shelf dividers on Amazon make a perfect gift.

Gift #27: Handbag Solutions

Closet Handbag Solutions from Cary Prince Organizing Holiday Gift Guide

Get your clutches in gear with this heavenly office product and give them the seat of honor they deserve. Who woulda thought that an office file collator could hold such powers? It does: it supports, protects and showcases your Louis pouch or Gucci wallet with panache. This is, quite honestly, the perfect gift for that special someone who has more than a few purses, clutches, and hobo bags in their life. Turn any fright night into sheer delight with this holder that does it all. Find this handy beauty here »

Gift #28: Valet Shelf Tray

Closet Valet Shelf Tray from Cary Prince Organizing Holiday Gift Guide

Bring a touch of class to your man’s closet with a valet tray. It provides a prime spot to park those daily essentials, and sets them up to get ready in style. Shop this terrific gift here on Amazon »

Gift #29: Jewelry Storage & Display Solutions

Closet Jewelry Solutions from Cary Prince Organizing Holiday Gift Guide

And for the crowning touch of any closest: the jewelry case. It’s always fun to finish off a closet with a special spot for baubles and beads — a place for pause, reflection and inspiration — as you get dressed for the day or evening ahead… Achieve this goal with a number of off-the-shelf solutions like these acrylic drawers and these display stands @ The Container Store. A jewelry box is a great gift idea and the perfect companion piece to gems that may be given for holiday or birthday celebrations!

Bonus Gift Idea

You’ve made it to the end with me! For the final gift-giving essential, I saved the very best for last. This one is my absolute go-to for anyone and everyone. Drumroll please….

Gift #30: Packing Cubes!

Packing Cubes Travel Solutions from Cary Prince Organizing Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday travel is afoot, and these packing cubes are the perfect companion for travel season. I don’t go anywhere without them! Packing cubes let you organize everything from socks to shirts to unmentionables into separate, zip-up containers, making it easier to find what you need on-the-go. Spend more time vacationing, and less time digging and excavating through that suitcase. Take them along this holiday, or gift them to family and friends to inspire their next adventure! Even better: all Eagle Creek products are frequently on sale at The Container Store and!

Gift spread with Link to Gallery to view gifts close up

With these ideas at hand, now you’re equipped with the secret weapon for gift-giving success! And, hopefully, after you’re done with your shopping for others, you’ll have a little left over to treat yourself.

Wishing you and your family a very happy holiday season, and peace and serenity in all of the organized spaces you create!

For more inspiration on where to shop,
discover why The Container Store is my go-to destination >>

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