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Given that it’s Valentine’s Day, we’re going to approach organizing with love in mind. No need to tackle an entire kitchen or closet (going easy on yourself is a form of self-love after all). Just pick a single category, like jeans or cookware. We’ll go with jeans because they’re more fun!
woman taking jeans out

Step 1: Take ‘em out

Take out your jeans and lay them on the bed.

Step 2: Try ‘em on

Try on each pair of jeans. Take a peek in the mirror, if you like.

Step 3: Test ‘em’ out

Sit, squat, and walk around.

Now ask yourself: Do I love how I feel in these jeans? That’s it! Do I love how I feel in these jeans?
put jeans back in
If the answer is yes – awesome! Put your beloved pair back in a closet or drawer where you can easily find them. (Sometimes during this process we rediscover our love for something we forgot we had!)

If the answer is no – well, we’d agree that it’s time to let it go. Don’t worry about what you paid for them or what brand they are. Jeans should make you feel good. Simple as that. If they don’t, why not donate or recycle them?

This “do I love how I feel” question can apply to pretty much anything. Do I love how I feel when I use this pan? (Funny how we ignore the cookware we don’t like.) Do I love how I feel when I get out of the shower? (Maybe that towel has seen better days?) Do I love how I feel when I look at Instagram (yes, we can organize and edit our apps as well.)

Whether it’s a pot, a pan, or a pair of jeans, our stuff should make us feel good. We deserve it. And you’ll love it!

p.s. If you’re inspired to pare down your jeans, check out my YouTube video here.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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