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When we travel, we take along the most essential elements of ourselves: a highly curated wardrobe, a new book and, of course, the tools that make the journey (and us) feel lighter, breezier and free. It’s amazing the power that tiny toiletries can have over the enjoyment of our vacation!

Rid yourself of the burden to take everything you use on a daily basis — not to mention lugging large bottles and an array of cosmetics — and take this opportunity to lighten your load, decide what you really need for the few days you’re away and choose your travel companions wisely.

Step #1: Organize Yourself

When organizing a bathroom, we assign toiletries to a few basic categories:

  • Hair
  • Body
  • Eyes
  • Dental
  • Face
  • Grooming (for men)
  • Medical

Go through the same organizing process as you start pulling together items for your trip: what do you need for all of your body parts, and what’s the easiest, most succinct way to pack them in your bag? Take advantage of travel-sized items that your favorite brands create! Here’s my line up:

Hair & Body

Toiletry Bag Hair & Body

I love all things Aveda…and I put my hair styling cream in a small travel-size squeeze tube.

Eyes & Dental

Toiletry Bag Eyes and Dental Care

Next time you visit your dentist, stock up on extra toothbrushes, travel-size toothpaste + floss!


Toiletry Bag Face products

One of my clients packs all those samples of face serum, moisturizers and toners when she travels – it’s a great way to try out new elixirs and not worry about an expensive eye cream or moisturizer spilling all over your bag! Bonus: you get to leave it behind when you’re done!


Toiletry bag essentials - Q-tips Advil sewing kit

What you need to give yourself peace of mind so you can enjoy your trip!

Step #2: Find a Bag

After years of traveling, I have found my most ideal (non-human!) travel companion: the Eagle Creek Pack-It Original Wallaby Hanging Travel Toiletry Bag. It separates categories, has a pouch for liquids and stores everything I need for my journey in one tidy pack. The key is to find a bag that will contain everything you want to carry, yet keep it in one compact footprint, as this is taking up precious real estate in your luggage.

Check out more of our favorite toiletry bags here: Pack This! Favorite Travel Bags & Toiletries

Step #3: Pack it!

Animated Rotation of Packing Step-by-Step the Eagle Creek Hanging Toiletries Bag

Here comes the fun part because you’re nearing the finish line and about to head out on your journey! Dedicate a pouch or pocket to each category so it will be easy to grab what you need when you need it.

And, for packing that suitcase, check out this blog featuring a must-have packing tool that I take on every trip: Organizing Your Summer Fun: Packing It In

Now it’s time to enjoy your trip – bon voyage!

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