Organizing your car is the first thing you should do before taking a trip – and these car organization tips can help you after that trip, too. Come clean and organize your car with me and let’s get your car road trip ready!

Your car is like your handbag: it goes everywhere with you and has the potential to collect a lot of clutter. In this video, I show you how to organize your car’s front & armrest consoles, glove compartment and trunk area. With just a few organizers to contain, corral and control the items in these spaces, you’ll go from a cluttered car to a smooth, organized ride.

Leaving on a road trip across the country – or just around town? Your organized car will make the ride so much more enjoyable!

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I’m Cary Prince – organizing stylist, clutter wrangler, and chaos eliminator.

My job? To bring more order, beauty, and happiness into your life – so that you have more time to enjoy it!I apply my home organizing skills and concepts to transform kitchens, closets, offices, garages, storage units, and entire homes into organized, useful spaces. Seeing the happiness and relief it brings my clients is the true meaning, joy and benefit of being organized.I transform your life one space at a time — so you can finally do what you love.

Organize with me!

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