Are you buried in paper and dying to get out? Join me on this challenge to declutter and organize your papers so you can enjoy a clean counter! I show you how to process your mail, declutter your paper and organize your documents into a manageable system.

First, get the tools you need: bags for recycling, shredding and trash, a letter opener, an ID stamp and, most importantly, your perseverance + stamina! You can do this!!!

Second, let’s get started: sort one piece of paper at a time and put each piece of paper in its appropriate pile (action/file/scan) or bag (recycle/shred/trash). Creating a system is the key to paper organization — and paper organization is the secret solution to clearing your counters.

Finally, you’ll see how quickly this goes if you can follow this mail organization system on a daily basis: 1-2 minutes top. So let’s declutter that mail, organize that paper and clean those counters so you can get ready to enjoy your organized home.

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