Organizing a closet is a breeze when you break it down into 5 zones – and finding the right solution for each zone is your secret to organized success! In this video, I walk you through each zone of your closet and present the best products to organize it with easy closet organizing tips. An organized closet delivers joy each time you open the door to get dressed and start your day! This applies even with small closet organization.

Zone 1: Hanging Clothes
The main challenge you have in any closet is hanging clothes — it’s the item that gets priority placement and it’s the easiest zone to organize. The secret trick? The best hangers! If you can get the same hanger for your entire closet, it immediately feels more organized.

Zone 2: Shoes
The second item in your closet that gets the next level of attention are your shoes. Shoes are an important part of your wardrobe and they take up a lot of real estate. You need to decide how you will store your shoes in your closet: shoe shelves, shoe drawers or shoe cubbies? Any of these solutions will work, and depending on the space you have to dedicate to shoes, that will determine the solution that will work best for you for your shoe collection.

Zone 3: Shelves
The next zone in your closet to focus on will be the shelves. Shelves are perfect to hold folded items and it’s best to use this space for items that are bulky and won’t fold up well in drawers, like jeans, sweatshirts or sweaters. You can also use bins to disguise things that are hard to corral and fold (like beach cover ups and bathing suits). You can use shelf dividers to keep piles of clothing from falling into each other.

Zone 4: Drawers
If your closet features drawers or if you have a dresser, it’s time to create solutions for your drawers. Little bins inside the drawers can corral small items like underwear and socks, and drawer dividers will keep all those folded items in their lane for great drawer organization.

Zone 5: Handbags
And finally, for the cherry on top: we come to handbags! There are some very simple solutions to store handbags and make them look good in your closet. First, you want to make sure that they have stuffing or some sort of shaper inside so that the leather doesn’t become crushed. Second, you want to make sure that there is a way to keep them from falling into each other, either bins, shelf dividers or nifty magazine holders work wonders! And finally, for all those small evening clutches or wallets, a solution like a file organizer is perfect to corral and showcase them in your closet.

There is now a happy home for everything in your closet, and your organized close is now achieved! All of these can help closet declutter!

Product Links:

Zone 1: Hanging Clothes

Black Premium Non-Slip Velvet Hangers

Lotus Slim Wood Hangers

Clear Slim Suit Hangers

Zone 2: Shoes

Clear Stackable Shoe Drawer

Our Shoe Box

Our Men’s Shoe Box

2-Shelf Shoe Stacker

12-Pair Shoe Organizer

Zone 3: Shelves

Natural Montauk Woven Storage Bins

Clear Shelf Divider

Premium Stackable Shirt & Sweater Bins

Zone 4: Drawers

4” Clear Expandable Drawer Dividers

Bamboo Deep Drawer Dividers

4” Clear Expandable Drawer Dividers”-expandable-drawer-dividers/d?q=drawer%20divider&productId=11006318

Zone 5: Handbags

Innies Quilted Purse Shaper

Palaset Magazine Sorter

5-Section Premium Acrylic Collator


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