Packing your kid for summer camp? Follow my 5 easy steps on how to pack for sleepaway camp. From choosing the right gear to labeling clothing, come pack with me – I’ll share packing tips on how to do it and show you how easy it is to get your kid packed for camp and ready for their fun summer ahead!

Step 1: Create a Packing List
Create a packing list – or better yet: consult the packing list your camp sends you. Most camps have already figured out what your child needs, based on camp activities and how long they’ll be there. Now is also the time to purchase (or borrow from friends or siblings) anything that is missing.

Step 2: Gather Everything!
Pull together all the clothes, towels, bedding, gear and toiletries so you can check those items off your list and make sure you have gathered everything that your child will need. Now that you have everything in one place, you can move on to the next step.

Step 3: Label Everything
If you want your camper’s items to come back home with them, label it! By gathering everything together in the previous step, it’ll be so much easier. You want to do all the labeling at once. Remember to put labels on shoes, water bottles, books, hats, flashlights and even pillows.

Custom iron-on labels: Iron On Clothing Labels – Tinyme US

Custom stick-on labels: Label Daddy

Step 4: Pack!
Now that you have all your items gathered and everything has been labeled, it’s time to pack your child’s trunk or duffel bag. I highly recommend using packing cubes to sort and pack your child’s clothes by category. It makes it easy for your kid to find his t-shirts, pull out those shorts or grab that swimsuit. You can also use ziplock bags for their kids’ clothing – it’s an easy, cheap solution that delivers the same results.

Step 5: Load it Up!
Now this is the most exciting step, because you’re getting that much closer to going to camp! If you haven’t already, involve your kids in this step so they know where everything is going in their truck or duffel. Have fun with this part and start counting down the days . . . to more fun ahead!

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0:00 – Intro
0:15 – 5 Step Checklist to Pack for Summer Camp
0:17 – Step 1 – Create a Packing List for Summer Camp
0:48 – Step 2 – Gather Everything
1:03 – Step 3 – Label Everything Before Summer Camp
1:37 – Step 4 – Use Packing Cubes When Packing For Summer Camp
2:05 – Step 5 – Load it All Up