7 Tips for Creating a Winning Garden Station

Do you have a garden area at home, or wish you could?

Whether it’s indoor plants, balcony ferns, or rows of flowers along the patio, the green in and around our home can brighten our space – and our day!

There’s great power in “bringing the outside in,” or in enjoying the outdoors right at home. From backyards to windowsills, both ways of “gardening” help connect us with nature and its relaxing and refreshing benefits.

Perhaps you’re a gardening enthusiast but things have gotten a bit out of hand, or maybe you’d love to spruce up your space but just don’t know where to start.

The key is to keep your green space organized so that we spend more time admiring its beauty and less time distracted by the dirt, tools and upkeep.

For the green thumb in all of us, explore these 7 tips to tame the wild as you bring your gardening space to life. With a little effort, you’ll stay “out of the weeds” and enjoy more time for drawing inspiration from those happy, green spaces.

1. Corral those plants onto attractive shelving

If you love indoor plants, it’s all about shelf appeal.

Plants can get a little wild, until you find that perfect set of shelves to rein them in. Creative shelving not only tames the wild, but also transforms those plants into eye-catching statement pieces that showcase your greenery.

A quick search through Pinterest will provide great inspiration. As you explore, consider the weight of the plants and pots, and what lighting they require – whether direct sunlight, shade or a mix of both is best. And be sure to give them enough elbow room for a more clean and contemporary look.

esshelf.com Floating Plantar Shelfesshelf.com Floating Planter Shelf
DIY Hanging Plantar Shelf from placeofmytaste.comDIY at placeofmytaste.com

There are many terrific, sleek and modern floating shelves, like the circular one pictured here by esshelf.com, that add that focal point to any room. You can also make your own DIY shelf, like this attractive hanging shelf by PlaceOfMyTaste.com, that can add style and comfort to any space.

2. Create a garden station for your tools

Garden storage organization system with a variety of shelvesGardening can be rewarding and relaxing, but it can also get messy. There’s so many tools, with garden gloves, shears, and trowels – oh my! Like birds of a feather, let tools flock together.

Check out a variety of organizing solutions, big and small, in this article by Lushome, which offers many space-saving garden tool storage ideas.

Whether you use a tool rack, garden shed, pegboard, or handy shelving system, a gardening tool station keeps things tidy and easy to find. You can find some great options at The Container Store with the Elfa Utility Garage & Planting Solution and the Garage Planting Pegboard & Shelves. Having that designated space also helps tools last, since they’re more likely to be put away, stored and protected from weather and damage.

Gardening is much more enjoyable when you know exactly where everything is. Especially if gardening is a family task, then everyone will always find what they need to pitch in.

3. Keep the hose “in line”

No more sprawled out hoses taking up half your patio space! Round up those hoses into a neat and tidy coil, and hang them up out of the way so there’s no risk of tripping.

Ultimate Track Storage KitUltimate Track Storage Kit
Black Double J HookBlack Double J Hook

Make the hose storage part of a garage wall organizer. Check out the great wall organizing systems at The Container Store, including this Ultimate Track Storage Kit. Their wall track systems come with sturdy hooks like this Black Double J Hook for safely storing heavy hoses and cords.

If you’re seeking a DIY project, get creative and use things like the coat hook shown here to add style and character to your tool organizing. Or, explore clever ways to store the hose out by the faucet for quick access and use. Look at ways to re-purpose items like buckets and create added storage with little shelves. We can never have enough handy storage! Discover great hose and garden tool organizing ideas at decorhomeideas.com.

Coat hangar for hose wrap

garden storage organizing with a hose coil

bucket re-purposed as a hose coil storage area

4. Keep it handy and portable

Have you ever gone out to tend to the yard, only to realize that you can’t find your gardening gloves or that new packet of seeds you wanted to sow?

Gardening is filled with little tools and items that are easy to misplace. Contain it all with a garden tool caddy! No more extra trips back and forth. Carry and keep your tools handy, wherever you are in the yard – or going from room to room tending to those plants. Store your go-to items like shears and gloves, as well as keeping that can of fertilizer or mist sprayer on hand for when the need arises.

Desk After reorganization effortsGardening Storage Caddy
Agrarian Tool Basket at Williams-SonomaAgrarian Tool Basket

I love the garden totes from amazinggarden.net, which come with a set of useful tools and are easy to carry around the yard. For something to carry and store inside the home, I love the sleek and stylish Agrarian tool basket from Williams Sonoma.

5. Gain easy access with a garden shed

We know that a little exercise is part of what makes gardening so healthy, but too many trips back-and-forth from the garage can get tiresome and detract from enjoying it all.

Save time with a small garden shed out in the yard. They keep your tools nearby, and also provide an easy way to store potting soil and other gardening compounds that you may not want in your home or garage. From weed removal to fertilizer, mildly toxic chemicals are best kept away from small children and from the air you breathe when spending time in the garage. A garden shed is also a handy way to lay out everything where you can see it, separated from other tools in your garage.

The Family Handyman gardening storage lockerGardening Storage Locker
The Family Handyman gardening storage shed with window ventilationDIY Storage Sheds

Pick a nice spot for it in the yard – safe from any drainage areas or rainy season flooding. Then, explore the many attractive shed options that can add character to your yard. I love these ideas from The Family Handyman, including smaller, more compact storage lockers, as well as larger sheds with built-in ventilation. Check out their site for great DIY shed-building ideas.

6. Employ space-saving options

Limited on space? No problem! There are many ways to get the most use – and storage – out of your small yard, patio or balcony. Consider a garden bench or patio side table that doubles as a storage box for your watering can, garden gloves and tools.

Safavieh Brisbane Storage BenchSafavieh Brisbane Storage Bench
Wayfair Costway Cabinet Deck BoxCostway Cabinet Deck Box
The Container Store Lotus Bamboo Storage BenchLotus Bamboo Storage Box

Garden storage benches and deck boxes come in many shapes and sizes. A quick search on Wayfair.com or Overstock.com can uncover a variety of options, including the Safavieh Brisbane Storage Bench and Costway Cabinet Deck Box shown above. Not only are they great storage areas, but they also create special outdoor seating for enjoying more time in nature. For something smaller, check out this Lotus Bamboo Storage Bench at The Container Store.

7. Recycle and Repurpose

Creating a gardening station doesn’t have to break your budget. Beyond inexpensive resources that you can find at stores like Walmart and the Dollar Store, there are also many inventive ways to repurpose what you already have.

Fabulously Frugal Lawn Tool Storage with PalletDIY by Fabulously Frugal
Newly Woodwards - Best Way to Store Lawn ToolsDIY by Newly Woodwards

Instructables Blue Jean BucketAs mentioned earlier, coat hooks can be a great way to hang tools. Fabulously Frugal’s blog shows us how to re-purpose wooden pallets for storing large lawn tools, and Newly Woodward shares a quick DIY project using PVC piping to contain those tools. Got a bucket and a pair of jeans? See how the Instructables transforms those jeans into a tool caddy – a terrific use for all those pockets.

There are many ways to get creative with what you have, and you can even turn it into a fun summer project for the family!

Once you’ve finished organizing your gardening tools, supplies, and potted plants, finish it off by adding in creature comforts that make your green space even more inviting.

Consider hanging a hammock or swinging chair, or create a cozy reading nook. Spruce things up with pops of color among your pots, seat pillows, and outdoor table spreads. You might also bring in the soothing sounds of nature by, for example, incorporating a small fountain or introducing a bird feeder.

There are endless ideas you can explore with your family to make your garden or plant station a truly special space to return to again and again. Now grab your gloves and let’s get ‘growing’ – Happy Gardening!

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