Organizing Dads Sock Drawer

Father’s Day is approaching and we are turning our sights towards Dad, and more specifically, his sock drawer. (Cue scary music.) But organizing the sock drawer doesn’t have to be so intimidating.

Does Dad’s sock drawer look like this?

The Sock Drawer BEFORE Cary Prince Organizing

Amazing! We have a fun and easy Father’s Day gift idea for you!

Using our simple 3-Step Approach to Organizing, Dad’s crazy sock drawer can be streamlined and stylin’ in no time.

Let’s do this!

Step One: Sort

Start by taking everything out of the drawer. Everything. You’ll be surprised by how much has been living there. Now it’s time to sort. Match each sock with its mate, and then place all pairs in a group. Let’s call this Group 1. If a sock has holes or is living single, let’s put it in a second group (Group 2). And if anything else is swimming around in Dad’s sock drawer (money, receipts, golf balls), let’s put that in Group 3. Now you’re sorted!

Step Two: System

Let’s create a system for Dad’s sock drawer. Do you ball or fold? Either works!

For folding, let’s focus on the socks in Group 1 (socks that have pairs and are in good shape). The way we fold is the key to our organizing system. We like to “file fold” our socks à la the Organizing Superstar herself, Marie Kondo.

How do you file fold socks, you might ask? We’re going to show you!

Cary Prince Organizing a Sock Drawer - Sock Folding Step 1

First, lay one sock flat on top of the other.

Cary Prince Organizing a Sock Drawer - Sock Folding Step 2

Then, fold the toes inward an inch away from the top.

Cary Prince Organizing a Sock Drawer - Sock Folding Step 3

Fold again in towards the center.

Cary Prince Organizing a Sock Drawer - Sock Folding Step 4

Finally, stand the socks upright. (Oh, hello, Hans Solo!)

Extra-long socks might need another fold. Shorter socks can be simply folded in halves or thirds.

Now what about the sad, lonely socks in Group 2? (Socks with holes or permanently missing a match?) Let’s put these aside for Dad to review. If Dad decides to throw these socks out, great! Before tossing them in the trash, consider putting them in a Retold Bag with a pre-paid shipping label. Retold will recycle or upcycle Dad’s old socks and prevent them from going into landfill. Yay!

Finally, remember our third group of random, non-sock items? Let’s see if we have room for them in Dad’s sock drawer or if they are better suited somewhere else. Which leads us to…

The Sock Drawer AFTER Cary Prince Organizing

Step Three: Style

Now comes the fun part! We’re going to put our neatly file-folded socks back in Dad’s drawer. We like to line our socks up in vertical or horizontal rows, grouping them in colors. Seriously, how great does that look?

And if there’s room, we can neatly place a few of Dad’s other items in the drawer. For small items like coins, consider storing them in a small, open box (old iPhone boxes make great storage).  Feel free to let your inner Organizing Stylist shine!

And for an extra special treat, how about putting a new pair of socks in Dad’s drawer? We are huge fans of Comrad Socks. Comrad is generously offering our readers a 25% discount sitewide. You can use the code CARY25 or this link here. (Is it bad we’re already eyeing the Lavender Ombre for ourselves?)

Happy Organizing! And Happy Father’s Day! Now show us your sock drawer!

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