Garage organization is quick and easy when you follow these 4 basic steps! Come watch us transform this messy garage into a functional, organized space where the family can exercise, do laundry, find a quiet place to work and play! It’s a garage makeover with a daunting “before” and a jaw-dropping “after.” Enjoy these garage organizing tips and get ready to organize your own garage!

Step 1: Take everything out!
Step 2: Sort, categorize & edit
Step 3: Zone your space
Step 4: Put everything back in

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I’m Cary Prince – organizing stylist, clutter wrangler, and chaos eliminator.

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I apply my organizing skills and concepts to transform kitchens, closets, offices, garages, storage units, and entire homes into organized, useful spaces. Seeing the happiness and relief it brings my clients is the true meaning, joy and benefit of being organized.

I transform your life one space at a time — so you can finally do what you love.

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