The secret to ultimate garage organization? Zoning! Creating zones for the items you keep in your garage will help you find what you need, know where to put it back and keep it organized. So let’s get into the zone!

Garages are large open spaces with the potential to store a lot of things. They also have the potential to get very messy and chaotic if there is no system in place. Figuring out what your garage holds, how best to store it and where to store it all comes down to zones. How do you get in the zone?

Step 1: Pull out everything, sort and categorize by zone: e.g. gardening tools, sports equipment, hardware tools, holiday decorations, etc.

Step 2: Keeping “like with like,” put it all back in! In this step, it’s also smart to identify where the zones should be located in the garage: e.g. sports items or gardening tools may need to be accessed frequently so put them in a place where you can access them easily. Holiday decorations are usually pulled out once a year so they can go on higher shelves, or farther away from the action.

Zoning your garage will make all the difference to maintaining a system in this valuable storage space of your home. By keeping it organized, you will make your garage work for you!

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