Organizing a storage unit is a simple project that only requires 3 steps! Follow these tips to organize your storage unit and make it work for you. The result? An organized storage unit where you can find things, you can access things and you are maximizing the storage space you have. The reward? The peace of mind that you know what you’re storing – and that your treasured items are safely stored!

Tip #1: Categorize Your Items
Is there a particular category of items that will go in this storage unit? Think about what you’re storing, and place it in the appropriate category. For example, is this storage unit going to hold:
Seasonal Decor
Special Occasion Items
Sports Gear
Temporary Items

Tip #2: Zone Your Unit
Map out where you would like to have everything in that unit, and determine placement by how often you will be accessing those items. For those items that you’ll need to access more frequently, put them in the front of the unit or on low, accessible shelves; for those items that will rarely be accessed, they can go in a more distant location or on higher shelves at the back of the unit.

Tip #3: Maximize Vertical Storage
The last and most important tip is to maximize your vertical storage — and you do that with shelving. Shelving creates multiple levels in the same footprint: you immediately have 6-7 ft of vertical storage height which can create 40-50 more sq. ft of storage.

Based on 3 basic principles of organizing – zoning, frequency of use and maximizing vertical space – these tips will help you organize any storage space.


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