Laundry rooms have the potential to do so much more than laundry! (And if only they could do the laundry themselves!) An organized laundry room can accomplish multiple tasks and keep your home running efficiently. With this video, I share how we optimized the vertical storage space in this laundry room to organize and categorize a number of functions in one space — making for a much happier place!

If kitchens are the heart of the home, the laundry room is the circulation system that keeps everything in a household running like clockwork. You have the usual intake of dirty laundry and the output of clean, folded clothes, but this space can do so much more. Since this room is usually centrally located, it is also the optimal spot to store cleaning supplies and household utility items. Below are categories we created in this laundry room along with the optimal location we assigned for it in the room.

These supplies are given priority treatment, as they are there to help you do what you need to do: the laundry! We like to place these in a spot where it’s easy to grab, pour detergent into the machine or grab a fabric sheet for the dryer. Categories for this section can include the following:
Laundry detergent & bleach
Stain & spot remover
Dryer sheets
Mesh washing bags
Iron & ironing board
Clothing care (lint brushes, rollers, etc)
Sewing kit

A cleaning section is a natural fit for the laundry room if you have space for it. This is the perfect spot to corral all your household cleaning supplies — this way, you see what you have, you don’t overbuy, and you have a dedicated place where you can return the items. I like to create subcategories for the cleaning section, as it helps everyone in the household know what kind of cleaning solutions they have and where it is when they need it! Frequently used items should be most accessible, while lesser used items can be on an upper shelf. Categories can include:
Sponges, brushes & rags
Brooms, mops, dusters
Specialty cleaning items (jewelry, silver, etc.)

Finally, every home needs a repository to take care of its household needs, too! The laundry room is the perfect solution. Even a small cabinet can serve this purpose and the location can be a little less accessible than the laundry and cleaning supplies. This section can capture a number of house utility items such as
Light bulbs
Electrical cords
Felt pads for furniture
Hanging supplies (hooks, command strips, etc.)
House hardware

I hope you enjoyed watching this blank slate transform into an organized, efficient laundry room before your very eyes!

I’m Cary Prince – organizing stylist, clutter wrangler, and chaos eliminator.

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