If your little kid isn’t a little kid anymore, it’s time to age up their room! In this video, I show you how we do just that by reorganizing closets and redesigning their space to make this room fit for a teen!


Aging up a kid’s room is no small feat! Children grow fast, and you need a teenager room makeover that keeps pace with their growing personality and sense of independence.

If your teen has outgrown their bedroom, then this video of tween and teen room makeover tips is for you! Discover many ways you can update and organize their space to create a teenage bedroom, closet, work station and toy storage area befitting of a tween or teen.

These DIY teen room makeover tips and examples will inspire you to take on the challenge and age up your kid’s room. Explore creative ways to perform a kid to teen makeover that:

• Showcases the games and toys they’re not ready to part with
• Establishes a winning teen desk area for their increasing volume of homework
• Delivers a multi-purpose teenage closet with great closet storage and uses for teens
• Transforms that childhood clutter into the best teen storage areas

The result will be a haven for your grown-up teenager and their homework.

Case #1: My Own Teen!
I am currently going through this process with my own teen…we conducted a major edit of his library, slashed through shelves of board games and puzzles and did a deep dive into his cubbies of treasures from his earliest years of childhood. It was a fun walk down memory lane!

Case #2: The Teenage Closet Refresh
Closets are a natural place to start with updating your kid’s room.
In this teen room makeover, we:
· Raised the rod for the clothes
· Added baskets to contain more seasonal items, and
· Created more space between shelves for folded clothes

Case #3: The Multi-Purpose Closet for Teens
For this teenager, we completely redesigned her closet. We gave her much more hanging space, more storage space above, a better solution for drawers below – and we even added a small vanity so she had her own special place to get ready. We also ordered and later installed shoe shelves to finish off this teen’s newly organized closet system.

Case #4: Decluttering and RelocatingKids like collecting small items. While aging up a kid’s room, you may find that your child is ready to part with several items, but many little items they still hold dear.
Part of aging up a teenager’s bedroom involves corralling the little toys and tchotchkes, activity items, including markers and pens, as well as beauty and grooming items (hair bands, cosmetics, etc.). With a clutter-free space, your teen can have a haven for themselves and their homework. For this teen, the room now feels more open and spacious after we organized and stored her treasured possessions in less prominent areas.

Case #5: Repurposing Childhood Items
Sometimes tweens and teens are ready for a more sophisticated room but still want to cherish many childhood books and toys.

In this final child’s room makeover, we helped age up a room for a tween by finding creative ways to honor his favorite possessions, while still establishing a clutter-free zone. We mounted a display shelf for presenting his treasured books, introduced labeled bins for storing his toys and tchotchkes, and freed up space on his desk, making it a more inviting area for homework.


I hope these tween and teen room makeovers inspire you to look at new ways you can update your own kids’ rooms. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below, and if you liked this video, please give it a thumbs up, and subscribe to my YouTube channel so you can be notified when I release my next organizing video.

In the meantime, this is Cary Prince wishing you a very happy organized day.


I’m Cary Prince – organizing stylist, clutter wrangler, and chaos eliminator.

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