Welcome to my little slice of Heaven on earth: The Container Store.

As a professional organizer, this place holds a special place in my heart. It’s like a family member or best friend:

– it’s always there for you
– it provides you with the support you need
– it inspires you
– it energizes you
– it lifts you up
– it makes you feel like you are the most amazing person in the world

And who doesn’t want a little of that?!?

Practically, however, The Container Store is my go-to destination for everything I need:
– It’s consistent in carrying the same line, style and brand of products
– I know I’ll get exactly what I’m looking for
– there are multiple locations where I can source everything in order to get more of what I need from various stores
– it’s constantly introducing new products and organizing trends to keep me on top of my game
– it sets me up for success

While I love finding a great bargain and hunting for deals, The Container Store delivers on all fronts. That is also why I don’t shop at variety discount dollar stores or big box stores for organizing products. You never know what they’ll have, they’re constantly rotating product, moving in specials or selling off products that didn’t move elsewhere. If you love a basket or bin you bought there last year and now you need 2 more of them, there is usually no chance you’ll find them again. The selection is just not consistent enough to depend on those stores.

That is why The Container Store is my one-stop shop to find the right organizing solutions we need and to create the organized spaces we all love.

The Container Store is, quite literally, my favorite place on earth!

I’m Cary Prince – organizing stylist, clutter wrangler, and chaos eliminator.

My job? To bring more order, beauty, and happiness into your life – so that you have more time to enjoy it!I apply my home organizing skills and concepts to transform kitchens, closets, offices, garages, storage units, and entire homes into organized, useful spaces. Seeing the happiness and relief it brings my clients is the true meaning, joy and benefit of being organized. I transform your life one space at a time — so you can finally do what you love.

Organize with me!

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