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Holiday parties bring out the joy of the season! Hosting a holiday party requires a bit more organizing, but done right, it is a wonderful way to enjoy this special time of the year with family and friends. These 5 steps will help you plan your party and take it from a fun idea to festive and fabulous celebration! Happy entertaining!

Step 1: Plan
The first and most important step is to plan your party. What kind of party are you hosting? Is there a theme or reason to celebrate? Is it in the daytime or evening? Is it formal or casual? A garden party, cocktail party, open house or dance? As for food, will there be passed appetizers to stand and mingle, a buffet for casual noshing or assigned seating at a dinner table? Will you cater your food or prepare it? Will there be a full bar or just wine? Many guests or just a few? These are a few of the details you need to iron out when you decide to host a party.

Step 2: Set the Stage
If you are hosting this party at your home, start setting the stage for the occasion: take a good long look at the areas where your guests will gather and remove tchotchkes, clear the clutter and clean surfaces for drinks, food, candles and flowers. Finally, think about furniture arrangement: feel free to move furniture around to allow for traffic flow or disco dancing!

Step 3: Set the Table
Now is the time to set your table, lay out serving dishes and see if you’re missing any vessels, utensils, glassware or barware that you may need to buy or borrow from friends. Setting the table also helps you map out your tablescape, determine the size of floral arrangements and see where candles and other decorations can go.

Step 4: Decorate
The countdown is on, and now it’s time to decorate! Get decor and flowers you need to make your party special. Going to the flower mart is one of my favorite activities to get a home ready for that special occasion.

Step 5: Showtime!
It’s showtime! Finish all food preparation as early in the day as possible. Set up your bar, prepare the hors d’oeuvres, arrange your cheese plate and bring out the buffet dishes.
Light candles, open a few bottles of wine and welcome your guests when they arrive. Here’s to a great holiday party!

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